Badminton Championship

Badminton Championship


The spirit of sportsmanship and prowess was on full display at the Malabar Sahodaya Inter-School Badminton Championship 2023-2024, held at the Devagiri College Indoor Stadium on August 19, 2023.

Shivani Sunil Kumar, a formidable player from Class XI E, showcased her outstanding skills in the Under 19 - Singles category, securing the coveted first place. The school's triumph continued in the Under 19 - Doubles category, with Shivani Sunil Kumar, XI E, and Angelina Rose Rajesh, XII D, emerging victorious as a team. Sreerag Sreejith, XA, and Afid Zayan MK, X B, formed an unstoppable duo, clinching first place in the Under-19 Doubles category.

The collective achievements of these exceptional players culminated in the school achieving the prestigious Overall Championship.

These remarkable achievements wouldn't have been possible without the guidance and expertise of the Badminton coach, Mr. Bijoy PJ. His dedication and mentorship played a vital role in honing the skills of the school's budding badminton stars.

Accompanying the team were the PT Instructors of the school: Ms Anu Rose, Mr Suresh Prabakaran and Mr Zacharias VJ.

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